Leave The Social For The Social Networks

Sometimes I hear the specs for a new project I might be involved in and I can't help it to tell people what I think about this "new kind of social app/network" they're building.

A Startup's Gut Feeling

When launching a Startup with little or no funding, gut feeling is probably your most important resource.

Visual Creativity Comes From Innovation

Since I read @yoamomonstruos's article on design innovation (and skeumorphism as a point of the discussion) I was meaning to show my opinion in a blog post.

Pinterest Is For Women

From my experience, shopping with women is messy. Kinda like seeing them scroll through Pinterest boards.

In Every Queue There's a Business Opportunity

Like many of us I hate standing in lines. Whether it's in a restaurant to dine, while waiting to pay a bill or to send a package.

The Power of Ditching

Events, plans, old stuff, bad influences. Sometimes you feel like you should just ditch them. But most of the times you feel guilty about it. You shouldn't!