In Every Queue There's a Business Opportunity

Like many of us I hate standing in lines. Whether it's in a restaurant to dine, while waiting to pay a bill or to send a package.

I went to the post office the other day and there was this immense queue comming all the way to the door. Isn't there a simpler way for me to do this? I thought. Well there wasn't and at first there doesn't seem to be a good solution anytime soon.

But I wonder how many of us thought to be possible to do so much online these days and I don’t just mean while sitting on a desk computer!

Youtube and Skype Ads From The 60s
Youtube and Skype Ads From The 60s (campaign for maximidia by Brazilian ad agency Moma)

Looking at the latest developments in terms of digitalized bureaucracy I believe that there are probably a lot of opportunities out there for software developers. Not only regarding those who are already used to the latest technologies but pretty much everyone.

This struck me as something to keep in mind as a wider objective than the usual web startup areas being explored. Probably a lot more meaningful than the average project in terms of audience size and needs which would result in more positive feedback if the job is well done.

Seems to me that queues are something worth to keep an eye for don't you agree?