My RefreshLx Review

Portugal is known for lots of good things, like great food and good weather, but not for its fair number of Web Design related events. Last Friday I attended one of the few that exists and that actually makes a difference.

After this first edition, RefreshLX is one of those events that no Web Designer will afford to loose (unless they can't afford it all, which is understandable these days). There's a real value into this kind of event where you gather great speakers with the crème de la crème of our own national web minds. Both the talks on stage or the chatting during coffee-breaks carry a fresh sense of up-to-date information, common concerns and personal curiosity. This creates the perfect excuse to stop working, take two steps back and rethink your whole attitude. I myself feel “refreshed” and wish to start it all over again with a better, more positive attitude. And that's really the whole point!

I tip my hat to Mr. Bruno Figueiredo for pulling it of once again. Like its predecessor UXLx, this event gets together an amazing group of speakers that represent the top notch of international and bigger events like An Event Apart. The very fact that one of these speakers is the organizer of that great event is telling of just how good this gets.

Jeffrey Zeldman and Sarah Parmenter at the front row.
Jeffrey Zeldman and Sarah Parmenter at the front row. Photo by @imhugo

Pride and Honor

As some of you may know, I had the pleasure of recently hosting a small group of fine gentleman myself along with Paulo Zoom at ESAD. So I have to highlight that it was a big big honor to witness my name and the school’s name mentioned on stage as a positive mark of what’s being done in the teaching part of web design.

Colly and the dreadful heart-attack-enabler francesinha
Colly and the dreadful heart-attack-enabler francesinha. Photo by @adanielaalves

Having survived the post-conference heart-attack-enabler “francesinha” dinner, Mr. Simon Collison now reflected on what a design process should really be, bringing up the notion of cross-disciplinary experimentation which he witnessed at the school. In his talk about restraints and constraints he mentions the importance of delight and surprise while trying to define the role of complexity in our own process and result. He also left us with the notion of what design really is after all: a playground where you “just move stuff around until it looks good” – Milton Glaser


The topic of responsive web design was broadly approached as one would expect these days. It was presented in numerous perspectives by half of the speakers which have settled the notion of responsiveness as one of our top responsibilities, right next to writing standards compliant HTML.

Josh Clark Photo by @gnclmorais

Other topics

Apart from responsiveness all speakers brought equally interesting topics.

From left to right @imhugo, @anasofiapinho, @ctlima, @colly and @roberteerhart (all missing Jina Bolton's talk).

At the end, a great burst of energy filled our designer hearts as we moved away to rethink, re-invent and evolve the small pieces of the web that help build. I’m sure good things will come out of this meeting.
Hope I'll see you guys soon enough!!