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Being Creative

My notes on @imhugo's talk on the subject of creativity and our great design profession

The Responsive Teaching Method

The Web Design is dynamic by nature and explaining it to someone that is just starting can be a daunting task. But this doesn't need to be slow and boring as any other old school class would be.


One of my messages at New Adventures was for everyone to give something back to younger generations of web designers through mentoring. But how exactly should you do it, you may ask?

My RefreshLx Review

Portugal is known for lots of good things, like great food and good weather, but not for its fair number of Web Design related events. Last Friday I attended one of the few that exists and that actually makes a difference.

Leave The Social For The Social Networks

Sometimes I hear the specs for a new project I might be involved in and I can't help it to tell people what I think about this "new kind of social app/network" they're building.

Visual Creativity Comes From Innovation

Since I read @yoamomonstruos's article on design innovation (and skeumorphism as a point of the discussion) I was meaning to show my opinion in a blog post.