The Power of Ditching

Events, plans, old stuff, bad influences. Sometimes you feel like you should just ditch them. But most of the times you feel guilty about it. You shouldn't!

When you ditch something you're saying hello to new. You're allowing yourself to let go of something that doesn't interest you anymore or that didn't really suited you in the first place. Most of the times you'll feel a sense of relieve after doing it. But most of the times we think too hard about what might/could happen if we threw away some old souvenirs or if we quit something we're suppose to do.

© Photo by melhuot

What's the worst thing it could happen?

We impose on ourselves the sense of responsibility towards certain things and certain rituals. It's an important part of us as social beings. But sometimes the small commitments we take towards others tend to leave us in an uncomfortable position.

Sometimes there's nothing wrong in just "saying no" or giving up on a few minor things. And those minor things probably won't affect our lives in a significant way.

I propose we do that more often.

When you ditch those old sneakers that where given to you as a birthday gift but that you never really wore, you be freeing a portion of space in your mind that can be used for something else.

When you decide in the last minute not to attend that concert or conference you already have a ticket for (because now you don't feel like going) you're letting a sense of freedom and calm flow through your body and mind.

And when you find out that a certain buddy of yours has been keeping the same negative speech for the last couple of years (and somehow you only found about it now) it's probably a good idea to start hanging out with a fresh set of people. Don't be rude! Just focus on what's more important for your personal growth in the mid term.

Just ditch a few small things that don't suit you anymore.

You'll be opening your mind wide enough to let it evolve towards new creative thinking and allowing a fresh set of ideas in.

Why don't you try to do it a couple of times this week?
Let me know how it went!